It looks like Lil Durk and India Royale are no longer together as a couple.

On Saturday (March 11), Lil Durk jumped on his Instagram Story and posted a message that he wanted to have another child, specifically a boy. "I want one more son then I'm done [smiley face emoji] idk when or how but I do," he wrote.

This prompted speculation from fans that Durk wanted another child with India Royale, who is the mother of their 4-year-old daughter, Willow Banks. However, India confirmed on her Twitter account that she is single.

In response to a fan who was questioning another person on Twitter on whether Royale is single or not, Royale tweeted, "I'm very much single. Been, been."

India also tweeted "Free," along with a butterfly emoji, which many fans believe that she is confirming her single status.

Additionally, India posted several videos on her Instagram Story of herself vacationing in Bali. In one clip, she films herself with a mystery man.

Meanwhile, Lil Durk's ex-girlfriend, Travonna Craig, jumped on her Instagram Story and claimed the rapper is neglecting their 8-year-old son Romeo.

"You talking about having another son when you haven’t done S**T for OUR SON yet like you promised! So since you love being internet let’s be internet then cause I’ve been respectful to you and your family long enough! The attention you looking for you getting it today I’m sick and tired of your bozo clown ass antics!" she wrote.

On Sunday (March 12), Lil Durk hopped in his Instagram Story and wrote a mea culpa for his break up with India Royale.

"Let me just look crazy Cause GM y'all [two double heart emojis] she not dumb or justot her money or her own even after I went broke she help me... my page all day ima give the street and relationships some tips later from the voice not the people who post drama," he wrote, in part.

"She played a small part she really a good [girl] who live life ima good guy good husband cause I just over talked never listen to her pain back when she was back pregnant willow in the belly aka fat ma [double hearts emoji]," he continued.

"So I ain't perfect but I'm for you and I love you and I'm all ears when ever we get back in a relationship," he added. "You saved my life with you and willow and big sky outside all my kids you was there ripthang."

Lil Durk concluded by wishing India Royale a belated happy birthday and writing, "Real love not paid situation I just love her to death[.] She fed up but ima save us [double hearts emoji]."

It will be interesting to see if India Royale will respond to his message.

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