November is a packed month for album releases. Leikeli47 is now throwing her name in the mix as well. The New York rapper is putting the finishing touches on her upcoming Acrylic album and has shared the release date and three songs from the new LP.

47's new offering is slated to drop on Nov. 15 and will serve as the follow-up to her 14-song Wash and Set debut. The new album will be a ride on the Leikeli47 side.

"Acrylic is an invite into my world," she said about the forthcoming project. "Come walk our streets. Come tour our campuses. It's ghetto, it's righteous, and it's fun; and I'm talking my shit."

The "Miss Me" rhymer has an unconventional rollout for the project. She will be releasing songs in bundles prior to the full album's release. On Oct. 24, she put out the first bundle, Pick a Color. The three-song set will be followed by the second musical bundle titled Design on Nov. 7.

All three of the first bundle's tracks ("No Reload," "Girl Blunt" and "Roll Call") have upbeat vibes and find the masked MC shooting off well-placed flows over infectious production.

A week before the album drops, 47 will be performing at Red Bull Music Presents: ATL is Burning Ball on Nov. 9, a celebration Atlanta's underground ballroom community.

Listen to Leikeli47's Pick a Color bundle below

Leikeli47's Pick a Color Tracklist

1. “No Reload”
2. “Girl Blunt”
3. “Roll Call”

Hardcover / RCA
Hardcover / RCA

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