From Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson to Lonzo Ball and Damian Lillard, NBA players have been trying their hand at rapping for years, and in 2011, superstars LeBron James and Kevin Durant apparently joined forces in the studio to record the track "It Ain't Easy."

Produced by Franky Wahoo and StewBillionaire, the song made it's way to SoundCloud last week and was reportedly recorded during the 2011 NBA lockout that shortened the season. According to the producer, James and Durant recorded the song in Cleveland but the original instrumental could not be used for media.

Wahoo says he and StewBillionaire then redid the production around the NBA player's original vocals and planned to feature the song on the NBA 2K19 soundtrack executive produced by Travis Scott but it never happened.

Durant clearly has a knack for spitting, as the Golden State Warriors star raps, "I got the money, but that's the root of all evil/I stayed the same, but it's changing all the wrong people/Every hater all the same, I feelin' like the world is Skip Bayless and I'm LeBron James."

After a chorus from a female singer, LeBron comes in for the song's second verse. "It ain't easy on the path I'm on/Put the world on my back 'cause I'm that strong/Long journey I been on from the very start/No way I die off with this iron heart," he raps.

Listen to Kevin Durant and LeBron James' "It Ain't Easy" below.

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