One of the most impressive newcomers to come out in the last few years is L.A.'s KR. The budding upstart released two projects this year, including his album It Could Happen and his latest EP The Intermission. The latter, which was a seven-track project, showcased KR's ability as a songwriter. Today (Oct. 18), "You Deserve Better," one of the standout songs off the EP, gets a slick music video.

The visual, directed by Michael Blevins, for the Dinuzzo-produced song finds KR driving around his city at night before he makes a drop-off of guns. When the deal looks like it's going well, things take a turn for the worse. The song itself finds KR rapping about his past mistakes from an old relationship.

"'You Deserve Better' is basically me displaying that I'm not perfect in the series of imperfect experiences I went through with a certain individual,” KR explains to XXL. “I made a lot of mistakes in my past while I was involved with this woman. I basically took on a relationship I wasn't ready for. In the video, I portrayed it as if I was bad news, meaning the 'bad guy,' while she was not aware of the things I did to keep her happy.”

Outside of music, KR is making his debut movie role starring alongside Halle Berry and Daniel Craig in the upcoming movie drama Kings. The movie focuses around a foster
family in South Central who's caught up in the city's violence because of the Rodney King trail. The film is set to hit theaters this winter.

Watch the new visual for “You Deserve Better” below.

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