Kodak Black has been called many things, but ugly is the one word he doesn’t like.

On Friday (Jan. 28), Kodak Black posted a video on his Instagram account responding to people who are calling him ugly. In the clip, Yak is chilling inside a vehicle and goes on a rant about why he doesn't consider himself ugly.

"Y’all stop playin’ with me, man," he said. "Sometime people in the ShadeRoom comments try to play me like I’m ugly or somethin’. I never been ugly and I’m rich as fuck. And I fuck good, ya heard me?"

Kodak, who might be a kleptomaniac lately, further explained why he’s a handsome person to some women.

"I mean, you know it sound cool, look cool when y’all try to down a nigga in the comments, like, 'We do know our bitches don’t want to fuck on him,' 'Who let him get ’em pregnant' and all of this crazy-ass shit," he said.

"Bitch, you fool!" he continued. "I jump in any of y'all hoes DMs and y’all gon’ bite back. I catch y’all ass in public and I’m flashin' on me, y’all gon' do it, homie. I fuck amazin’, ya heard me? And I’m rich as hell. You can't beat it."

It’s unclear what sparked Kodak to go on a diatribe about people calling him ugly. It appears the South Florida rapper may be responding to critics after he publicly announced two weeks ago that he welcomed a new baby girl named Queen Yuri Kapri with his girlfriend Maranda Johnson. "What's crazy is, you know, today 1/21/22. My baby girl coming," he said. "I can't wait to see her. She coming today. That's great. Queen Yuri. All the missing pieces that I didn't have, she got. She a Z queen."

Yak also celebrated one year of being out of prison and thanked former President Donald Trump who commuted his sentence on federal gun charges last January before he left office. "I want to thank Trump, Donald Trump, the honorable president," stated the "Super Gremlin" rapper. "The honorable D.T. Without him, I wouldn't be here with y'all right now. My family, my fans and friends. So, everybody thank that boy. He freed me. On 1/20/21."

Watch Kodak Black celebrate one year of freedom below.

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