Kodak Black tells the crowd at Lyrical Lemonade's 2024 Summer Smash Festival to tickle and then beat up the person who threw a water bottle at him on stage.

Kodak Black Instructs Crowd to Get the Person Who Threw Water Bottle

On Monday (June 17), a video of Kodak Black's performance at the 2024 Summer Smash Festival in Bridgeview, Ill. on Sunday (June 16) surfaced on social media. In the video, which can be seen below, Yak gets slightly agitated during his set after someone in the crowd throws a water bottle at him on stage. Afterward, the South Florida rhymer criticizes the culprit.

"Let me talk to you, bruh," Kodak tells the person in the crowd. "Yo, you gangsta ain't it?"

After smirking, the rapper instructs the audience to pick on the person.

"Aye, y'all say, 'You's a p***y," Kodak Black says into the microphone while pointing at the concertgoer. "Aye, say, 'You's a p***y, yous' a p***y, n***a.' Pinch his stupid a*s. Pinch him to death. Tickle his stupid a*s to death, you heard?"

Yak then speaks about being hurt by the water bottle's impact and continues to have the crowd retaliate for him.

"Beat him up for me, big homie," Kodak states. "Punch him, bruh. Punch him. Punch his a*s or I'm gone."

Following this, Kodak Black expressed he was offended by what happened and left the stage, leaving his fans sad about the outcome.

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Kodak Black Responds to Person Who Throws Object at Him

This isn't the first time that Kodak Black has cut his performance short after having something thrown at him. In March of 2023, Yak got hit with a water bottle while performing "Super Gremlin" at 2023 Rolling Loud California. The rapper asked who was behind the petty move. Kodak humorously responded to the offense by saying he was going to "spank me a bih" with his studded belt. The video can be seen below.

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Take a look at Kodak Black's reaction after someone throws a water bottle at him during his Summer Smash concert performance below.

Watch Kodak Black Tell Crowd to Tickle Then Beat Up the Person Who Threw a Water Bottle

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