Kodak Black is on the move, even if he's behind bars.

On Thursday (Jan. 23), TMZ reported that the incarcerated rapper is being transferred to a new facility in Kentucky. One of Kodak's attorneys says he will stay in a federal facility in Oklahoma—a place which the U.S. government's federal inmate locator lists as being in Oklahoma City, Ok—until he is permanently moved to a federal prison in Kentucky. His release date is listed as being Aug. 14, 2022.

Kodak had been serving time in Miami's Federal Correctional Institute before being assigned another location. He has been very vocal about the alleged horrible conditions he faced before being moved. Kodak has alleged that FCI officials have been trying to slowly and strategically kill him, listing multiple incidents including visitation issues, being laced and beaten up and more.

The report also states that Kodak's not necessarily being moved because of his complaints, but because it's typically standard procedure. Inmates usually don't serve their full sentence at FCI, and instead are given a "risk assessment test" to determine where they will finish their time at.

As for the conditions Kodak has alleged, the rapper's mother, Marlene Simmons, has hired attorney Benjamin Crump to assist them with the matter of getting to the bottom of those claims. Crump famously represented the family of Trayvon Martin in their case against George Zimmerman, and they reportedly plan to take legal action on Kodak's behalf.

As previously reported, Kodak is currently serving 46 months for firearms charges following his May 2019 arrest. Because his current release date falls on a Sunday, he may get out a few days earlier, as federal policy is to let inmates out early if their release date falls on a weekend.

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