Prison can take one's freedom, but it can't deprive an artist of his or her musical expression. On May 26, the hip-hop community rejoiced when Gucci Mane was released several months early from an Indiana prison. Despite being confined to a jail cell, Guwop continued to flood the streets with music throughout his nearly three-year stay. During his sentence, the 36-year-old Atlanta rapper dropped more than 20 projects and delivered a myriad of loosies and guest features.

Gucci Mane's art-imitates-life The State vs. Radric Davis is just one of the efforts he released while behind bars. But besides the 1017 head honcho, there's a slew or rappers who have put out new music while in the pen including 2Pac's magnum opus, Me Against the World, and Shyne's underrated Godfather Buried Alive.

And that's just naming a few. Many MCs' laid down their tracks prior to serving their sentences, but some actually recorded their verses from jail -- either over the phone or with a recorder during visitation hours. While Lil Wayne was locked up in Rikers Island, he was caught in possession of unauthorized materials including an MP3 player, headphones and charger. For someone like Weezy who churns out records at lightning speed, it must've been especially difficult to be without a home recording studio during his 2010 sentence for gun charges.

As evidenced by the sheer number of projects he put out, Gucci Mane is the most prolific prison rapper ever. His influence has even spread to the younger generation despite his physical absence due to various sentences over the past 10 years.

The Trap God is now officially back. And, as Mr. Zone 6 states on his latest verse for Kanye West's Cruel Summer, "Now that Gucci's home it's over for you Gucci clones." Check out 20 Rappers Who Released Projects From Jail.

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