Killer Mike ended up being a trending topic a couple weeks back for his interview with the National Rifle Association, and now he is making the social media headlines again.

On Sunday (April 8), the Atlanta rapper attempted to call out author/producer Joy-Ann Reid, who opposed his stance on gun laws, when he thought she was supporting the shamed department store H&M.

"So me doing an interview about Black gun ownership with the NRA is 'bad' but you promoting a company that tagged a Black Child a monkey is 'good, cool, acceptable,'" he questioned in the caption. "SMH niggas."

It turns out, the H&M Reid was referring to was her "hair and makeup." Oops. Twitter wasted no time trolling the MC. The Run The Jewels rapper admitted defeat when people started to come at him on social media. "Yup I got educated and I appreciated. I’m making sure I’m staying with the people tho no more outta line with me ‍♂️," he wrote.

He added, "To Be Unclear is to be u kind taught that by publicist @Farmer8J . My apologies for my misunderstanding @JoyAnnReid and I hope we get that Black Gun owner Minus the NRA interview. Love and Respect thanks for the correct ❤️."

Finally he noted, "So egg on my face ‍♂️and all I’m happy that the convo on #BlackGunOwnerShip will happen. Thank u @JoyAnnReid for “getting me together” on H&M and making sure this important convo can be had on an acceptable platform."

Check out Killer Mike's tweets about mistaking the department store H&M for hair and make up, and see some of the hilarious responses below.

See Killer Mike Tweet About Mistaking the Department Store H&M for Hair and Makeup

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