Kevin Gates has been an open book about his sexual proclivity over the years and now he's admitting that he enjoys when his partner urinates in his mouth.

On Jan. 7, Kevin Gates was a guest on the Fancy Talk Show podcast. During the sexually-charged convo, the Louisiana rapper opened up about being a fan of a good ol' golden shower to the grill.

"I love for a woman to piss in my mouth. That's beautiful," Gates admitted when questioned about the topic.

The "I Don't Get Tired" rapper's love for liquid gold doesn't stop there.

"I done had a woman pee in a cup while we was driving and I drunk it right there," he added. "I was so infatuated with this woman, to where it was just nothing about her that was nasty. And she super clean. She like me, she drink nothing but water. So, her piss ain't got no taste."

Kevin Gates has never had any shame in his game when it comes to talking about his sexual exploits. Last summer, he said he wanted to make Beyoncé pee on his penis on an eyebrow-raising track. He later doubled down and said he would like to drink Bey's pee.

It's not just his words. Kevin Gates has gone viral on multiple occasions for aggressively simulating sexual acts while performing onstage. In November of 2022, a security guard's reaction to Gates imitating and describing sexual acts at a concert went viral.

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