Kevin Gates has gone viral once again after mimicking sex acts onstage during a recent concert performance.

On Tuesday (Sept. 13), Twitter user @Emohjify posted a video of Kevin Gates in concert and asked, "is this what kevin gates concerts are really like." In the clip, the Louisiana rapper is holding the microphone to his lips as he explicitly details how he would kiss a woman's clitoris.

Afterward, Gates stands up, puts his hand down the front of his pants and pretends to pull out his penis. "I just want to put the head of the dick in your itty-bitty pussy and stretch the bitch all the way out," he says as his fans cheer on.

Gates' sex talk leads him to an aggressive sexual sing-along that goes, "I'll put dick all in your stomach/Dick all in your stomach/Pull your hair, slap your ass, bitch, you bet not do no runnin'."

The Khaza rapper then segues into the lyrics of his raunchy 2018 track, "Me Too." "Suck your toes, dick you down, please you/She says, 'Bae, I'm nasty,' I say, 'Me too,'" he raps as the crowd of mostly female fans rap along with him.

Gates’ latest viral video is causing a lot of reactions on social media from people who are bewildered by the 36-year-old’s artist’s behavior.

"This can’t be the same nigga that made 2 phones," wrote one person.

"Did that nigga just reach into his pants and pull out an imaginary dick [tears of joy emojis][?]" questioned a fan.

"Like wtf is going on with Kevin gates [throwing up emoji]," typed another user on Twitter.

Kevin Gates appears not to be fazed by the fans’ mixed reactions to his sexualized performance.

"For the first time in life I’m happy with myself - I love you all," he tweeted on Wednesday (Sept. 14), along with the hashtags #ImGrateful and #Alhamdulillah.

Kevin Gates’ sexually aggressive character is part of his music, but some fans seem to think he's going a little too far at his concerts.

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