Kevin Gates just released an explosive new track, which finds him calling out the mother of his children and dropping sexually explicit rhymes aimed at Beyoncé, among others.

On Thursday (June 9), Kevin Gates dropped a new song called "Super General," on which the Baton Rouge, La. native raps for over five minutes straight on Kodak Black's Jambo-and-ATL Jacob-produced "Super Gremlin." Gates clearly has a lot to get off his chest as he spends most of the song addressing his children's mother, Dreka Gates.

"How do you explain when you and your spouse engaged in illegitimate business/They was all happy when I was on drugs, but, I sobered up, I'm payin' attention," he raps. "Shit on my name, gave me a blemish/A mother done turned my lil ones against me."

Later he raps, "Took the blame in interviews and made it look like I was trippin'/Made the 'Dreka' song, lied to the world while tryna protect her image," in reference to his 2020 track "Dreka."

Recently rumors have swirled that the couple is no longer together as neither one of them has posted a picture of the other on Instagram in a while. Adding more credence to the speculation is the fact that Gates has recently been spotted with former Love & Hip Hop: Miami cast member Jojo Zarur.

Later in the track, Gates gets very sexually explicit, first dropping lines about what he wants to do with Rubi Rose in the bedroom.

"Rubi Rose, I can't wait to have your feet face in my ceiling/With my tongue deep in yo' ass while I kiss all on yo' kidney/Put that dick deep in yo' back and have you cum all on this missile," he rhymes.

Gates then name-drops Beyoncé in more lewd lines as well as Nicki Minaj.

"Ain't no disrespect to Jigga, met through Nipsey, that's my nigga," he raps. "Don't know if they into swinging, Beyoncé need to let me hit her/Make her piss all on this dick, respectfully, her body shiver/I want Nicki, she need Kevin, she still playin' around with Kenneth."

Kevin Gates is currently promoting his third album, Khaza, which is slated to drop on June 17.

Check out Kevin Gates' controversial track, "Super General," below.

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