KayCyy is blasting Travis Scott on Twitter for leaving him off song credits for the Utopia album track "Thank God."

KayCyy Blasts Travis Scott for Leaving Him Off Song Credits

On Wednesday (Aug. 2), KayCyy said some not-so-nice words to Travis Scott in a tweet after a Twitter user named @RihYe_ wondered why the 2022 XXL Freshman's name was missing from the song credits on "Thank God" from Scott's Utopia via Spotify. According to the tweet below, KayCyy penned most of the song's lyrics and chorus.

"Why tf is KayCyy’s feature still hidden?" the Twitter user typed. "He literally wrote a large part of it and sings the entire chorus [crying face emoji]."

KayCyy responded to the tweet by saying that listeners already knew the extent of his talents before throwing shade in Travis Scott's direction.

"Y’all keep sending me these messages," KayCyy wrote in the tweet below. "Y’all kno what I do .. ! I’m not no background singer …. [face with steam from nose emoji] f**k Trav!!!"

On "Thank God," KayCyy's vocals can be heard in the chorus.

"Goodbyes, that's life," KayCyy delivers. "Fun times for life/For life, from down my eyes/Thank God I breathe tonight."

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KayCyy Says He Isn't Surprised That Instagram Blog Didn't Mention His Feature on "Thank God"

On July 28, KayCyy said through an Instagram comment that he wasn't taken aback by Instagram blog Our Generation Music not including him in a slideshow they made of the musicians featured on Utopia, which can be seen below. "Ofcourse y’all left me out..," KayCyy wrote underneath the IG post.

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Take a look at KayCyy addressing Travis Scott below.

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