French producer Brodinski's last album Brava from 2015 was something of a fusion between trap and dance music, featuring rappers like Peewee Longway, Slim Thug, iLoveMakonnen and more. Now he's gearing up to drop a new mixtape, and this one's darker and more rap-influenced than anything he's done before. He made it while staying in Atlanta and hanging around the rap scene for months, so he's planning to have some ATL heavy-hitters on the project.

Today XXL premieres "Get Me Some More," a new collaboration between Brodinski and Johnny Cinco, easily one of the best and most underrated rappers coming out of Atlanta right now. You can hear the song above. Brodinski's new tape is set to be called The Sour Patch Kid, and you can peep the cover art below.

We talked to Cinco briefly about "Get Me Some More" and how it is to work with Brodinski. Read that below as well.

XXL: How did you link up with Brodinski?

Johnny Cinco: He had come in town to Atlanta and he was working with several artists. He called my manager and told me to pull up and one of my boys Profet was there and he was going in with him and I ended up getting on the one he did, then he played another beat and that shit was crazy. You know, he got one of those real bangers there.

What made you comfortable enough to work with him? Were you familiar with his work? 

I wasn’t totally familiar with all his work, but what made me feel comfortable is it's just music, it's what I normally do, it's not a test. I ain’t afraid to handle something different as long as it sounds good. I can come up with some good word play, you know, to make a great record.

How does your style of rapping mesh with Brodinski's production? 

It’s a different flow of mine, more up tempo flow, but with the mellow tones and the melodic sounds it goes great with what I be trying to do and I feel like both the styles complement each other.

"Get Me Some More" is really funky, how do you come up with your verse to capture the energy?

It gave me kind of like a old Busta rhymes feel, you know what im sayin? Just a straight in your face type track, real up tempo, real speed, just being overseas, that good electronic sound, it sounds sonically correct.

Does this record leave room for a possible collab project in the future? 

Yeah, yeah pretty sure me and Brodinski gonna get more records in.


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