Jazz Cartier drops “Tempted," his debut single off of his upcoming album, Fleurever. The song was released via Zane Lowe’s Apple Music’s Beats 1 show for the first World Record premiere of 2017.

With a dash of Rupee plus a sprinkle of K.P. & Envyi, Cartier creates a party record for fans to dance to. With silky production by Lantz and T-Minus, Jazz raps about how he is turned on from a girl he's dancing with.

"Girl I'll be tempted to touch/I think I just fell in love/It may be you or the drugs/But we need some more in our cups/And so... call me when you're lonely/Yeah, and I leave from the homies/Ooh, ooh, I heard you love it when the light's out/Say the word, baby I can hit the right spot," he raps.

Along with "Tempted," Jazz's first quarter of this year will include Fleurope, his third European tour, more visuals and new music. Last month, the Toronto native released "Pree" after a long stretch without dropping new material. He released his sophomore project, Hotel Paranoia, back in February.

Bump "Tempted" above.

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