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Jay Z has a couple of big time victories under his belt so far ever since he started Roc Nation Sports. Who can forget about how he slyly nabbed the reigning MVP Kevin Durant from the claws of many hungry agents. While Jay has some athletes in the football, basketball, and baseball arenas, he never attacked the boxing scene. That may all change now. According to ESPN Boxing, Roc Nation Sports has struck a deal with boxing promoter David Itskowitch.

Itskowitch will serve as the COO of the boxing division for Roc Nation Sports, according to Michael Yormark - Roc Nation's President and chief of branding and strategy. In an interview with, Yormark spoke on Roc Nation's decision to move into the arena of boxing and the type of splash they intend on making in the immediate future.

"There's no question the sport of boxing needs a new player, someone who can do something different," Yormark said in his interview. "We're energized and we're going to make a difference. This is a huge priority for us. This is a highly serious business to us."

Though Roc Nation doesn't have any boxers on their current roster, they believe that with the hiring of Itskowitch, they will be able to lure a bevy of talent.

"Dave has one of the great reputations in the boxing industry," Yormark said of Itskowitch. "Hiring him should be a loud and clear statement that this is serious for us and that we will do this the right way. We have one of the most respected individuals in the sport leading the charge for us."

In addition to luring in boxers, the agency also hopes to promote boxing matches as well.

"We will be a promoter," Itskowitch said to, "but our job won't end once a guy fights on a particular Saturday night. We will promote him 365 days a year."