Jay-Z has words for his critics on at least one new verse on Jay Electronica's debut album.

On Friday (March 13), Jay Electronica released his long-awaited, debut album A Written Testimony. On track No. 7, "Flux Capacitor" Hov speaks on his thoughts about the backlash he's received since he inked a fresh partnership with the NFL.

"Why would I sell out? I'm already rich, don't make no sense," Jay-Z raps. "Got more money than Goodell, a whole NFL bench/Did it one-handed like Odell, handcuffed to a jail/I would've stayed on the sideline if they could've tackled that shit themselves."

Last year, Jay-Z and Roc Nation took over the NFL's entertainment aspect of the league in order to provide some new options for events like the Super Bowl Halftime show. The deal also allows Jay and his team to oversee the league's social justice endeavors. Not long after Hov inked the deal, the veteran rapper faced backlash from critics and even longtime fans. However, he also had supporters like Diddy, so not everyone was against him.

It's been over a decade since Jay Electronica first promised fans his debut album via Roc Nation. Fans had nearly given up on the project up until March 2019 when Electronica responded to a fan's tweet about the possibility of dropping a collaborative album with Jay-Z. Then, a year later, Jay Elect tweeted "Album mode," which finally gave fans hope that he would deliver the new LP.

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