Jackboy appears to be sending shots at Kodak Black on his latest track.

On Monday (Aug. 22), Jackboy dropped his "Renegade Freestyle (Closure)" song and video. On the track, Jackboy seems to have some words for his former friend while rapping over Jay-Z's "Renegade" beat.

"You ain’t Z, you bought your way in/Boy you ain’t no killer, you be cryin’ when you get caged in," Jackboy raps, seemingly calling Kodak's Haitian heritage into question. "Never been on PC I’m in population with murderers/I was reppin’ yo’ brand goin’ hard makin’ sure they heard of us."

On the second verse, Jackboy cotinues to drop subliminals, which seem clearly aimed at his former label boss.

"Had to counter-sue/You tryin’ to block motion, want me to be signed to you/Told Rolling Loud, y’all let him come then I’m not gon’ be comin’ through," Jackboy continues. "Hatin’ on my success hoping that people don’t go and work with me/You’ve been a bitch, you did the same shit wit’ Choo Choo and Koly P/You’ve been a bitch, you tried to pull stunts with Wam and Wiz/You the only nigga I know that get mad when they artists lit/You the only nigga fakin’ actin’ like you ’bout to spin/Yo’ ass a federal agent protected by the President."

Kodak Black and Jackboy had a falling out last summer when Kodak called Jack ungrateful. The two rappers traded shots for months. Things came to a head last August when Kodak accused Jackboy of inciting the NBA YoungBoy beef. This led to both of them getting into a yelling match on Instagram Live. There appears to be some type of litigation involved as well, with both rappers reportedly suing each other over contract issues. Last October, Kodak Black released "Super Gremlin," which he appears to address his situation with Jackboy.

Listen to Jackboy's New Song "Renegade Freestyle (Closure)" Below

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