Jackboy isn't here for NLE Choppa's Instagram DM, and it appears to be because of a joke Choppa previously made about Kodak Black.

On Wednesday night (Oct. 23), Jackboy uploaded a screenshot of a direct message Choppa sent him in the past. In the DM, Choppa appears to give props to Jackboy and Kodak, but Jackboy wasn't here for it.

"@choppppppa Money Don’t Make You Real Keepin It Real Make You Real I’m Not Feeling All Dis Dick Riding Pussy Nigga You Was Just On Foolie Now You Tryna Be a SG Fan Bitch You Was Just Tryna Say Kodak a Clone," he wrote in an Instagram caption for his IG post.

During an Instagram Live session from the same night, Jackboy addressed Choppa's previous comments about Kodak being a clone. Jackboy, who, like Kodak, hails from Pompano Beach, Fla., asserts that there's no real beef between him and Choppa. Nonetheless, that doesn't stop him from calling Choppa a "dickrider."

"You a pretty cool kid. You just a dickrider," Jackboy said during his IG Live. "You just do too much fuck shit and that shit been observed and peeped. I been peeping like... so I had to [tell him] stop playin' with my dawg. Stop playin' with Kodak."

The Kodak joke Jackboy refers to is something that began a few months ago. Earlier this year, Kodak Black released a photo of himself behind bars after he was arrested for felony firearm charges. In the photo, Kodak's face looks fuller than before and he rocks a new gold grill. Some people even said his eyes looked different. That led to people like Choppa joking about him being a clone.

"Honestly that look like two different people," Choppa wrote in an Instagram comment back in July.

"I'm sensitive about my brother. Don't play about my brother," Jackboy said in another part of his IG Live session. "That was it. I woulda left you however. It would've been whatever. I would've seen that and probably like ya little message if you would've never taken that route but you were just saying Kodak a clone and all that. Man stop playing with my brother. When you said that, that's like saying 'fuck Jackboy.'"

Watch Jackboy speak up for Kodak below.

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