As promised, ILoveMakonnen delivers "Sunlight on Your Skin," the original version of his collaboration with Lil Peep. The song arrives one week after the release of Peep and X's "Falling Down," which Makonnen had a part in helping come to fruition.

The song features the same hook from Lil Peep but includes a new verse from Makonnen, who sings, "Where I wanna be again and again/Alone, you and me, skin to skin/Why don't we talk the way we should?/If I'm always on your mind/What do I have to do for ya?/To be your one and only guy."

The song began as a collaboration between Peep and Makonnen in 2017, before the XXXTentacion version was released. While Makonnen wasn't featured on the X version, he said the late rapper's verse was meant as a tribute to Peep.

"The difference is that me and Peep's version is we were kinda talking to each other, answering each other," he told XXL. "X's version is kinda, it's the same, but kind of honoring and bigging up Peep."

"Sunlight on Your Skin" was originally set for an August release but was delayed when it ran into clearance issues. "Everybody wanted to make sure everybody was on the same page," Makonnen said. "Creatively, me and all the creators were on the same page, and then we had to make sure all the business people, and all the lawyers are on the same page."

Listen to "Sunlight on Your Skin" below.

Lil Peep / AUTNMY
Lil Peep / AUTNMY

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