Ice Spice recently responded to a critique of her fashion sense.

On Tuesday night (Jan. 17), a Twitter user shared a photo of the "Munch (Feelin U)" rapper online. In the photo, Ice Spice is rocking a tight white V-neck top that exposes her stomach and part of her brasserie with a white cropped fur jacket. The look is accented with two bejeweled unlooped B.B. Simon belts and an exposed thong.

"Ice Spice needs a stylist bro, wtf is this??" the person captioned the photo.

The fit received mixed reviews on Twitter.

"She gonna say ‘u wouldn’t get it’ & you damn right. I wouldn’t get none of that shit and put it on 2007 looking ass girl," one Twitter user posted.

"Double belt wit the thong showin like WWE in 03’!? wowww," another tweet reads.

"We really livin in a different world cause this fit is so cute," someone else added.

"She looks cute!!!! the gaudy bb simons. Red and white 4s with the top to match. This is uptown New York galore. Stay out of the princess of NY business omg," another person chimed in.

Ice Spice herself reacted to the post shortly after it was published, saying the Twitter user who orginally opined on her outfit lacks understanding.

"U wouldn't get it," she replied to the Tweet.

Ice Spice has become a frequent topic of discussion since her breakout single "Munch (Feelin U)" was released last summer, with the BX rhymer often having to address the issues on social media. In October of 2022, she addressed alleged sex tape leaks online. Last month, she responded to accusations of having cosmetic surgery. Earlier this month, she reacted to her music being leaked online.

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