Earlier this week, G.O.O.D. Music president Che Pope spoke at length to Red Bull Music Academy about his work at the label, being in the studio with some of rap's biggest names and how hip-hop production has evolved over the last decade-plus. But on the subject of the Kanye West-founded imprint, he talked about how G.O.O.D. aims to be an incubator of creative talent, and that they have no designs on being a financial competitor with larger labels or even to build an empire in the vein of Roc-A-Fella or Cash Money. Instead, it's about articulately ideas fully and tastefully. That's a modus operandi that G.O.O.D.'s newest signee, HXLT, has apparently taken to heart. His latest video, "Live To Death," is starkly minimalist, with little more than a spotlight stage, a microphone, some guitars and enough energy to hop through the screen.


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