Toronto's own Honey C, an artist formerly known as Honey Cocaine, is finally back. Today (Aug. 3), just about a three months removed from unleashing her "No Time" video, the 25-year-old pulls up with Wildfire, her first project in over three years.

Checking in at 11 songs, Honey's latest release includes plenty of upbeat anthems designed to empower women. "Veteran," which is a track she unloaded just last month, is an energetic banger that finds Honey flexing as hard as possible. "No Time," which was the project's first single, echoes the vibe.

Speaking with XXL about the project, the Tyga affiliate makes it known that she's happy to be back to doing what she knows best.

"To be releasing Wildfire after three years of not dropping a project feels relieving," Honey offers. "I’ve fought through depression, traveled, relocated, lost and made friends, put together a team, all the while trying to find myself and still on worked on music here and there."

The release of Wildfire isn't something Honey takes lightly, and she hasn't tried hiding just how much the project means to her at this point in her career.

"It’s exciting to see everything I’ve experienced the past three years and the music I’ve been experimenting with finally coming to life," she tells XXL. "I feel like the same stronger, smarter, more confident but new me. It’s a different, better chapter for Honey, almost like a light throughout all the darkness I had to face. Music is always home for me."

As Honey says, she's experienced a lot over the time between the release of her EP, The Gift Rap, and Wildfire. Now, she wants to reassure fans that, while she took a break from music, she's stilll the mic presence they first came to love years ago.

"I want my fans to be reminded of what I’m about and what I represent. Even though I disappeared for a while, my music still has the same core and rawness that it has always had since the beginning," Honey says.

"I know they’re going to be as excited as the growth as I am!" She continues. "My fans are human beings who are going through their own, if not, the same struggles. I have a responsibility for my music. I want the listeners to feel a sense of purpose and that they’re not alone. Everybody is fighting someone and we all need anthems to get us through it."

Check out Honey C's triumphant return below.

Honey C's Wildfire Tracklist

1. "Woke Up Feelin" (produced by Bewill, Ray Lennon, Arktkt, Beuyes Florentz Dormnivil)
2. "Whole Lotta Shit" (produced by Shy Boogs and Ray Lennon)
3. "Numb" (produced by Bewill and Ray Lennon)
4. "Two Cents" (produced by Bewill and Ray Lennon)
5. "No Time" (produced by Bewill, Ray Lennon and Pete Alexander)
6. "Yea Yea" (produced by Bewill)
7. "Veteran" (produced by Bewill)
8. "Chain Smoking" (produced by Bewill)
9. "Str8 Up" (produced by Bewill, Ray Lennon and Arktkt)
10. "Light it Up" (produced by Bewill and Ray Lennon)
11. "Wildfire (Bonus Track)​" (produced by Bewill)

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