Today, July 6, is the birthday of Queens-bred rapper, actor, producer and mogul Curtis Jackson, better known to the hip-hop world as 50 Cent. The rap superstar now turns 43.

You would think 50 Cent would get tired of winning. After climbing to the top of rap charts in 2003 with his musical opus, Get Rich or Die Tryin', Jackson etched himself into legendary status. His debut album shattered records, thanks in large part to his club banger, "In Da Club". Songs like "What Up,Gangsta", "Many Men", and "If I Can't" signified that 50 Cent's hardcore pedigree was widely embraced and respected in all aspects of music. His monstrous reign continued when he soared on the charts again with his sophomore project The Massacre, which sold an astounding 1.4 million copies in four days.

50's poignant hooks have always served as his marquee attribute. That enabled him to re-write history by being the first solo act to ever have three top five records on Billboard in the same week with "Disco Inferno", "Candy Shop", and "How We Do". His group G-Unit also proved to be a success by slaying the competition with hits like, " Wanna Get To Know You", "Stunt 101", and "Poppin' Them Thangs". By tapping into every possible market such as clothing, acting, books, and more, 50 Cent has opened numerous doors for not only himself, but for aspiring artists after him.

Though you can catch him clowning online, 50 has remained incredibly busy. When he's not acting and executive producing in the Starz Channel, Power, currently in it fifth season, promoting his business ventures and taking care of his sons.

XXL wishes 50 Cent a Happy Birthday!

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