Gucci Mane's three-day Twitter rant is one of the more epic social media meltdowns. That is, if it's a true meltdown.

Most of his tweets required a Gucci-to-English translator, and thousands of retweeters commented on his seeming lack of a formal education. However on further review, Gucci Mane (government name: Radric Davis) could be a social media genius mastermind—the "Rain Man" of Twitter. As the circumstantial evidence points out, it is possible that his meltdown was a hustle for Twitter followers and a distraction for his unceremonious boot from Atlantic Records.

Exhibit A - Preamble To A Rant
While the meat of Gucci's tirade lasted from Sept. 7-9, there was a Labor Day preamble a few days before on Sept. 2. It could be that he started sniffing his impending drop from Atlantic and decided he needed to take action. Record industry sources have confirmed that it's unlikely in this case that Atlantic would drop him publicly without giving his camp a heads up. And since his rant has taken aim at Atlantic execs and his then-current—now non-current—manager Kevin “Coach K” Lee, this isn't a stretch.

At 1:51PM on Labor Day, Gucci tweeted that he was contemplating disbanding Bricksquad:

@gucci1017: I think I am retiring the name bricksquad
Its 2 many pussys claiming squad
Books closed til Wop reopen them bricksquad is dead 1017 is alive

At 2:43PM, Gucci began soliciting work from the Twitterverse and threw in another Squad jab:

@gucci1017: Who want a guwop feature
Bricksquad watered down
I represent trap niggas

At 1:25AM the next morning, he confirmed his decision regarding Bricksquad:

@gucci1017: Trap god ended bricksquad

From Sept. 3-7, Gucci was largely silent expect for some self-promotion of upcoming projects, dropping a "CONGRATS 2 DRAKE BIG SEAN AND WALE FREE BMG" and playing groupie to Juicy J., Nas and Taraji P. Henson.

@gucci1017: I respect @Nas n enjoy his music Triple Salute 7:42 PM - 6 Sep 13

@gucci1017: Congrats @therealjuicyj your album go hardddd 7:25 PM - 6 Sep 13

@gucci1017: I would love for @TherealTaraji to play my leading lady in my next video 12:26 AM - 5 Sep 13

Exhibit B - The Labor Day Bet
One of his preamble tweets gives the best evidence that his rant was might have been a hustle.

At 5:04PM on Sept. 2, Gucci tweeted one of his many bets that he likes to on Twitter, but this time instead of a sporting game, he made a followers bet:

@gucci1017: I bet I have 2million followers by oct 17.
1017. Fuck bricksquad
I bet 2 million cash

Gucci woke up on Sept. 1 with 1,584,906 Twitter followers. After the bet on Sept. 2, his follower count jumped to 1,705,663 and stayed flat until—you guessed it—Sept. 7 when his count started a steep "hockey stick" climb around the same time Gucci started his twisses (tweets + disses). He reached 2 million Twitter followers on the evening of Sept. 9 after the rapid fire twisses went into overdrive and he became a trending topic on Twitter for more than six hours. Once he reached the 2 million spot, the tweets, and rant, stopped.


From the rant, it is obvious that Gucci probably doesn't know what's going on in his own head sometimes, but short of him admitting that this was a hustle—like any conspiracy theory—the evidence can support, but not prove, itself. It is interesting that he made the bet and stopped tweeting the moment he hit 2 million followers. It is interesting that more people were talking about him freaking out than his deal with Atlantic Records getting yanked. And it is interesting that with Gucci trending on Twitter, this is the most relevant he's been in a long time.