The return of Gucci Mane continues. Even though the Atlanta rapper was released from prison almost five months ago, Gucci Mane's homecoming party is still going strong. Now that Wop is off house arrest, he seems more optimistic than ever about his future business ventures. Gucci caught up with GQ for an in-depth, post-pen feature and it was there that he shared his next career move involving some pretty huge Hollywood stars. According to La Flare, he is set to star in the Harmony Korine-directed film The Trap alongside Al Pacino and Benicio Del Toro.

This isn't the first time Guwop has worked with Korine. Gucci made an appearance in Korine's Spring Breakers back in 2013, acting as a grimy strip club owner. Korine and Gucci also teamed up earlier this year for mini video campaign with Supreme while Gucci was still on house arrest in Atlanta.

“Supreme is a legendary brand," said Gucci of his previous on-camera work. "And Harmony is my close friend, so it was easy. He’s super creative. Me and him work good together because we just freestyle shit, both of us don’t have no rigid mind state when we bring something to life. I love to act. It was just a great experience being in Spring Breakers, and it was just the beginning.”

According to IMDB, The Trap is still in its' script development stages and is projected to be released in 2017. Keep in mind, this is separate from Gucci's other film in the works, The Spot.

In addition to returning to the big screen, Mr. Zone 6 is slated to start his own clothing line called Delantic and drop another album this year titled Woptober, fittingly dropping on Oct. 17.

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