Fool's Gold producer Falcons joins forces with GoldLink for "Boo You Know," a fantastic dance record that pairs the duo's penchant for making bouncy records that make you move.

The two artists have worked together in the past. They released "Aquafina" and "Vroom" in 2016 and 2015. For "Boo You Know," the former XXL Freshman raps about maintaining many relationships.

"Reincarnated as a pimp/Gotta red head down walkin' with a limp/She's always itchin' for my wallet then she hold my grip/Hangin' out the whip I told her bring that ass and dip," 'Link raps.

“'Boo You Know’ is a song about keeping healthy relationships with your significant other(s) while you’re on the road doing shows, trying to remain sane through a smartphone. 21st-century problems,” Falcons says about the song. “GoldLink and I started this track on tour last March. When he sent me back the final verses he literally nailed the exact concept I had in mind for the track, thats why we work together so often, I guess.”

Keep an eye out for Falcons. In 2013, he released his BirdCall EP on HW&W (Huh What And Where) and followed up that project with his Fool's Gold debut Terra EP. Hopefully fans will get a new project soon.

Listen to "Boo You Know" here.

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