New York spitta Flipp Dinero gets G Herbo to jump on the remix for "Time Goes Down." Chicago meets Brooklyn as the promising 21-year-old gets the former XXL Freshman to rap on a standout record off Flipp's debut EP, The Guala Way

For "Time Goes Down (remix)," Flipp really shows off her versatility, flipping between singing on the hook to rapping for the first verse. G Herbo comes in at the end of the record and hits it out of the park.

Ever since getting a cosign from Joey Bada$$, Flipp Dinero has been tearing up the streets of New York with his melodic delivery and slick bars. He began making noise when he released the song “I Do” and “Running Up Bands” earlier this year and eventually signed to Cinematic Music Group. Im July, Flipp Dinero released The Guala Way and his name has been spreading ever since. XXL interviewed Flip for The Break earlier this year, discussing his goals in music.

“[My goal is] to be able to say five, 10 years from now that I accomplished something," he said. "To be able to build a foundation for other artists to present their crafts as well. I want to still be considered a high roll model in this music business. I’ll never let the looks get to my head. It’s all about the craft and getting the people something to fuck with it. It’s more to it than just being the hottest; it’s about helping people.”

Bump "Time Goes Down (remix)" below.

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