50 Cent inked a $78 million dollar deal with underwear company, FRIGO back in December. FRIGO by RevolutionWear is a luxury line that consists of t-shirts and underwear and uses advanced technology to create revolutionary underwear for active men.

FRIGO was created by a European team of experts who fused cutting-edge patented technology with top performing fabrics to give the underwear an innovative touch. Every element in FRIGO underwear addresses specific concerns that men constantly face, including support, cinched waistbands and slippage on the thighs.


With all the rave surrounding the luxury underwear line, the good folks over at FRIGO sent a few pairs of their signature underwear for the staff to test out. Here's what our editors had to say:

Dan Rys, XXL Senior Editor: I am a man who is generally very resistant to change, and in that sense it was a little strange. Also made it a little strange to pee since it meant I had to undo my belt and it was New Year's and I was drinking beer so I had to pee a lot. But I will say this: it's pretty baller walking around wearing $100 underwear, no matter how weird it felt. And after the first 30 minutes you stop noticing it anyway.

Manny Maduakolam, XXL News Editor: The best feature about Frigo Underwear is that it doesn't ride up when you're working out or playing a sport. It's really comfortable to wear and the material is very sleek.

FRIGO is now available at Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, Century 21 and Freshpair.com starting at a price point of $25 to $100.