Yesterday (May 13), it was announced that Michael Clervoix—better known as Sha Money XL—officially left his post as SVP of A&R for Island Def Jam to now become EVP of Urban A&R for Epic Records. Speaking exclusively with XXL recently, Sha touched on the new gig and the reasons behind the move.  Here's what he had to say:

XXL: So you've officially made the move from Def Jam to Epic Records. This is a new chapter in your career.

Sha Money XL: Yeah, I just took this opportunity to help grow and build myself and provide more opportunities for others. This is a good, new position for me.

What sparked the decision?

Basically, LA Reid is the reason why I got to Def Jam. He’s the one that scouted me out and brought me over there. I’ve had a very successful run at Def Jam, so it was a tough decision but LA Reid really knows who I am and he believes in my talents. So I’m taking my talents down to South Beach. [Laughs].

You got the right coach pulling for you, you know that coach is important. Just where I’m at in my career, I need someone who understands who I am so I can do what I need to do for this music business.

Plus that’s got to be comfortable for you too, being as how you two already share a chemistry. 

Certain people believe in you but they got to believe with their eyes all over what you’re doing. This is someone who believes in me and doesn’t need to think twice. He understands that I’m not going to fail or do some shit just because. Every artist I believe in, I really know and believe they’re stars. I don’t just take chances on people that happen to be close friends or my cousin that raps or my nephew that raps, I ain’t with none of that. I’m all about the talent. And I think he understands that I know how to identify that and he puts his trust in me, which is in me which is important.

What's your goal with this new position?

To dominate the charts, man. Straight number ones. I wanna have five records in the top charts. Same year, same time. And also then let other artists in this game, provide other opportunities for
talented people. Not only artists, photographers, producers, video directors. People that wanna get in the game. All that. Open doors so people can learn. That’s what I’m doing.

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