For FamousSally and YB, a close childhood friendship has blossomed into a burgeoning hip-hop career pretty much by pure happenstance. The two Atlanta natives met each other as pre-teens and by the time they got into high school, they were full-blown besties. However, they never even considered forming a rap duo until 2023.

While kicking it at a recording studio in their home city back in May, FamousSally and YB decided on a whim to try their hand at making a song for the first time. After the studio's engineer started playing an infectious trap beat he had in the tuck, YB checked her microphone by saying, "Wassup, g-way?" a local slang term she and her friends use to greet each other. That line became part of the song's hook. Then they laid down their flows without any other written lyrics or even a direction in mind, and the result was the now-viral anthem "Wassup Gway."

YB and Sally started going on Instagram Live with the track playing in the background shortly after they recorded it. As their followers asked to hear more music, the ladies decided to shoot a video for "Wassup Gway" at a pool party for FamousSally's birthday. Once the video made its way to YouTube in June of this year, the numbers immediately went up to the tune of 10,000 views. However, the magnitude of what they had on their hands still didn't quite resonate with FamousSally and YB.

After a high school student in Atlanta, who goes by Luh Mani, created a soon-to-be viral TikTok dance challenge with their song that same month, YB and Sally's "Wassup Gway" was about to reach mainstream status. In the weeks and months to follow, A-listers like Drake, Usher and even Kanye West's daughter North were taking part in the dance challenge. This ultimately led to "Wassup Gway" scoring the No. 1 position on the TikTok Billboard Top 50 chart. The song has since been used as the soundtrack for more than 4 billion videos on TikTok.

FamousSally and YB capitalized on their momentum by shooting a second, professionally produced music video for "Wassup Gway" in October of this year. The Supadope-directed visual finds YB and Sally crashing a pool party and includes hyped-up performance footage. The video has raked in over 161,000 YouTube views in less than a month.

Now, FamousSally, 27, and YB, 25, are signed to Epic Records. The duo are also hard at work on their debut project. Two upcoming singles, "Skrilla" and "Whatcho Name Is," are due out in December and will precede the tape. As they prepare for what's the come, the lifelong friends but newly minted partners-in-rhyme join The Break: Live. The ladies talk about what career moves they've made in the wake of their breakthrough hit, balancing newfound fame while raising children, advice for young women who rap and more.

Check out the full interview below.

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