Eli Sostre blesses fans with two new songs. He releases "Hold You Close," which is produced by Vinylz, Frank Dukes, Allen Ritter and Soriano, plus "Glass," which is produced by Boi-1da, Soriano and Young Martey.

"Hold You Close" is more melodic and finds Sostre talking about a special someone whom he doesn't want to let go. "Baby girl top 10/She a top 10 model/I been pouring out bottles/I don't want no sparkles/Baby you so thoughtful/Come and tell me what you think/Put the lights in the ceilin' put my baby in a mink/Bitch I been top ten since I done came up/See I was in Brooklyn but I got my name up," he croons.

"Glass" is more up-tempo with Sostre half-singing and half-rapping over fast-paced synths. He spits, "Got me feeling like the one/Say it's love then you don't know who to trust/Don't you ask me why I'm actin' up/Tell them boys they need to pack it up/Young Pirelli got these women in a frenzy/Send a shot to me I'll bust it 'til it's empty/Talk about it make sure that shit don't affect me."

These two songs follow up Eli's 2016 EP Still Up All Night. We spoke to the Brooklyn artists about his goals in music for The Break. "To be the best at everything, I want a hand in everything. I want everything," he said.

Bump "Hold You Close/Glass" below.

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