New bangers from Earl Sweatshirt are always appreciated. The latest offering from the Cali rapper comes in the form of a song that is being called "Hat Track."

The track was originally performed by Earl back in May at the Movement Festival. Audio of the song popped up this week when Knxwledge played it on his Red Bull Music Academy radio show, Stay Inside.

The song finds Earl flowing poetic over an old-school sample loop. "Give it till I can't give/I lend a hand if it's needed/But these stabs got me bleeding out my back kid/Uh, keep it on the fumble we could sack shit/Hat trick, we considered Mulligan's for that shit/The proof is in the pudding and the pamphlets/The sewer and the mattress/Stupid nigga you can get it, get it/Only thing certain was the taxes/Bury me when the journey end/Clergymen turn me into ashes/I move surgically/With new sermons for the masses," he spits.

Around the mid-point, Earl fumbles a line and asks for a reset. “Detroit, make some noise for human error,” he says, then continues going in.

We've been waiting for new music from Earl for a minute. His last album, I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside, came out in 2015, but since then releases have been few and far between. Back in February, Earl confirmed he was working on a new album. “Making the album for you rn,” he plainly tweeted.

Listen to "Hat Trick" below.

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