Doe Boy defended his viral tweet about Future being better than the late great Tupac Shakur while appearing on the No Jumper podcast this week.

Doe Boy Claims His Viral Tweet Is "Straight Facts"

On Wednesday (June 21), Doe Boy sat down with No Jumper host Sharp for the podcast's "The Shark Tank" segment. In the interview, which you can see below, the "Roll the Dice" rapper spoke about his upbringing and reflected on various encounters with notable music figures like Young Thug, Southside and Lex Luger, to name a few. He also mentioned what it was like to be signed to Future's label, Freebandz, and their close relationship.

One significant takeaway, however, came in at the 17:05-mark when Sharp brought up Doe Boy's viral since-deleted tweet in which he claimed that Future is better than Tupac Shakur. With little to no hesitation, Doe Boy stated that what he said was straight facts.

"That's a fact, though. I really believe this, and a muthaf**ka can't argue with me 'cause, at the end of the day, it's my opinion," Doe Boy states.

"And you've got to understand I'm 29 years old. I love Tupac, but I don't really know his music enough," he continues.

Doe Boy follows up at the 17:42-mark with words of admiration toward the "Dear Mama" MC. Not necessarily because of Tupac's discography but because of his demeanor.

"I love him as a person," Doe Boy explains. "I love his personality."

Elsewhere, the "100 Shooters" artist expressed how he despises being pressured to like the "Hit Em Up" rapper, referring to it as "the Tupac thing."

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Doe Boy and Future's Relationship

The Cleveland-based rapper built a business relationship with Future after they met on UStream, a platform similar to Twitch. After hopping on one of Future's live streams, the In Freebandz We Trust 2 spitter told Hendrix that he wanted to join the Freebandz gang. However, the two got to work after Doe Boy got Future's number from one of his DJs at the time.

"I brought him to the side and said, 'S**t, you saw Future. He told me I'm Freebandz. Let me get his number." Doe Boy elaborates at the 8:35-mark.

Ultimately, Doe Boy's perseverance and getting the "Mask Off" rapper's digits resulted in the two creating straight bangers like "Tweakin" and "Most Wanted."

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Watch Doe Boy Defend His Viral Tweet About Future Being Better Than Tupac Shakur Below

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