God forbid someone robs you of your belongings on your way home, but the inconvenience of replacing all your things and traumatic experience would be awful for the following weeks. Imagine if the threat of that was part of everyday life on your block. That fear is repeatedly depicted in Doe Boy's new music video "Rob Today."

Pulling up on a bike, Doe Boy straight up pats down a few guys on a stoop and comes away with a wallet and an iPhone. The iPhone's former owner jokes that he has the Find My iPhone app so he's not stressed. If this nor the t-shirt that Doe Boy's wearing doesn't remind you of Deebo's scene in Friday, please do yourself a favor and watch it again today. Once the music for the Sceneamatix-directed video kicks in, you play accomplice as Doe Boy forces the rest of the block to run its pockets.

There is no end to Doe Boy's savagery, robbing people on the streets, in an alley and in a car. By the end of it all, he comes away with a new belt, watch, iPhone and cash. After listening to his lyrics, this seems just like any other day for him in his former life. The video closes with Doe Boy meeting up with his crew and handing off a pistol as a sign of the work he's been putting in.

Doe Boy just dropped his last project Codeine Confessions in April. This new song "Rob Today" signifies that he might have a new project already in the works.

You can watch the video for "Rob Today" below.

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