FreeBandz artist Doe Boy is preparing his forthcoming mixtape Streetz Need Me. Last week (Nov. 17), the Cleveland rapper delivered a new song and video called "Letter to Future," which you can view above.

The track is dedicated to Doe Boy's friend and labelmate, Future. Throughout the four-minute record, Doe Boy credits Future for inspiring him and applies a similar cadence found on "My Savages" from the latter's Monster mixtape. The song also features several snippets of Future speaking and giving shout-outs to Doe Beezy.

On the first verse, Doe Boy flows about his mentality while he was locked up, spitting, "Damn I miss the team, damn I miss the lean/I swear I wake up everyday, I wish it was a dream/And you think everything cool but that's just how it seems/I check the mailings every day just for some shit to read/But ain't no letters from my dogs so I'm thinking they forgot about me."

Doe Boy recently spoke to XXL about his relationship with Hendrix, and how the two of them have a number of collaborations ready to drop. "Me and Future, we've got plenty of songs together," Doe Boy says. "I be waiting on his go to release stuff. Everything has to be lined up correctly. Everything has to be done perfect. So that's why I don't be rushing. It's more about being patient. 'Cuz I know what's about to happen."

The 22-year-old musician says that Future's been busy on tour, but now that it's over, there's going to be a lot of music on the way. "Future has been on tour the majority of the whole summer, so as far as the label situation, FreeBandz situation, a lot of stuff has been on hold, music-wise," Doe Boy says. "But the [Summer Sixteen] tour just ended, so now y'all about to see what's going on."

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