FreeBandz rapper Doe Boy unleashes a new track called "Gang" featuring fellow Cleveland native Machine Gun Kelly. GT of Ear Drummers handles production on the vicious, booming street anthem.

Doe Boy kicks off the ferocious first verse by spitting, "All my niggas really in these streets/Betta not fuck with me/We gon' pull up bout a hunnit deep/You not touchin' me/10 chains 'round my neck, and I dare you try to reach/You must thought this shit was sweet, pussy boy you 'bout to see." The record's energy reaches its pinnacle on the chorus, which serves as a nice segue into MGK's equally intense verse. Doe Boy tells XXL Magazine, "I knew MGK since I was like 13. We was both coming up in the city together. I watched him turn up. That's always been my bro."

Toward the end of the first verse, Doe Boy references his 2013 prison sentence, rapping, "Let me outta jail, 'cuz they know the streets need me." In addition to "Gang," Doe Boy is also dropping a new track called "Add Up" featuring Lil Lonnie. You can listen to "Gang" above and "Add Up" below, both songs via SoundCloud. "Add Up" features a lush, catchy instrumental from Will A Fool. The hook goes, "How you be hatin' when we supposed to be homies? Man that shit don't add up." Doe Boy has been going hard as of late, as he recently released "R.N.H.," which stands for "Rich Nigga Hoes." On "R.N.H.," Doe Boy raps about wanting to get with various celebrity women including Cardi B, Amber Rose, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and Lira Galore. Fellow Rubberband Money Gang label member Yung Coke handles the song’s production.

On "R.N.H," Doe Boy spits, “That Porsche Panamara in traffic/You fuck with a nigga that’s acting/Your boyfriend ain’t bout what he rapping/I’m just a young nigga with gwap/I might bring your ho on my block/New York, Atlanta, L.A. it don’t matter, I’m turning housewives into thots.”

If you want to catch Doe Boy in concert, head to Washington, D.C. for Howard University's homecoming show this weekend. The FBG artist will take the stage alongside Gucci Mane, Lil Uzi Vert and other big-name performers.

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