D.L. Hughley is not here for the games. The veteran comedian has fired back at Kanye West again and made fun of Ye's mental health. This happened after the Chicago rapper dissed the funnyman on his Instagram page today.

On Wednesday (March 16), Hughley jumped on his Twitter account and delivered a series of hilarious tweets, in which he clapped-back at Kanye, who wrote on his IG account that people have a hard time understanding the comedian’s jokes.

“Now #Kanye! When you say you had to explain my jokes to people, are these real people, or the ones you keep in your head? #TeamDl,” Hughley tweeted, making sure he hashtagged Kanye’s name.

"#Ye is at it again huh?? Welp at least I wasn’t crying on the phone about how big Pete’s Peter is! If you want her back instead acting up why don’t you try doing some dick ups! #TeamDl,” Hughley continued. “#Kanye do you know how horrible you gotta be to make a #Kardashian date a white man!"

The actor-comedian then delivered another zinger at Ye for the rapper writing on his IG page that Hughley didn’t know how to dress.

“#Kanye how dare you talk about the way someone dresses, look at you!! All those people in your head and not one of em got a Macys card? #TeamDl,” Hughley tweeted.

Hughley concluded, “#Kanye ain’t it funny how you can explain my jokes, but not your behavior?”

Mental health is nothing to joke about, but in Hughley's defense, it's clear that he was only defending himself from Kanye’s attacks on social media. On Wednesday, the Donda 2 creator posted a couple of IG posts disparaging the comedian's good name.

In one post, Ye shared an image of Hughley rocking a camouflage jacket, blue jeans and a huge fedora hat. In the caption, he wrote, "This grown ass man picked this outfit out himself[.] Is he influential or under the influence???"

In another post, the "Eazy" rapper shared a different image of the comedian and wrote that some people have a hard time understanding the funnyman’s witty jokes. "Funny thing is we’ll probably end up being friends," he typed in the caption. "I used to defend this nigga back when he had work...Like nah he funny...you just gotta watch it 1 trillion more times to get it."

Of course, all of this comes after Kanye tried to drag Hughley last weekend for his comments in a DJ Vlad interview where he said that Ye was stalking his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. In a since-deleted IG post, Kanye called Hughley a pawn and threatened to hurt him. "And DL Hughley is a pawn Yeah I know a king not supposed to address a pawn but I address everything and find addresses DL So don’t speak on me or my children I can afford to hurt u," he wrote.

In response, Hughley delivered a massive clapback at Kanye on Twitter.

"Hmmm! Ain’t it weird that #Kanye supposedly has all these goons who will kill for him, but not one of them will get his prescriptions filled?" he tweeted. "Here’s a thought while you’re on your way to kill me in Calabasas, how about somebody drop by CVS and pick up his Xanax! Lol #TeamDl... Ain’t no way in hell I’d ever be scared of a dude who wears #IKnowWhatDidLastSummerBoots!!! #TeamDl."

The comedian added, "#Kanye!! It’s just too bad that you acting like a nut won’t stop #Pete from bustin one!! #TeamDl."

It looks like this feud between Kanye West and D.L. Hughley may not end anytime soon.

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