DJ Swade is the latest hip-hop figure to go viral on social media. The Dallas native is an older gentleman who has caught the attention of web due to his freestyles over trap beats. DJ Swade has posted a bunch of freestyles over popular tracks and caught the eyes of some big names.

Snoop Dogg and The Breakfast Club's Charlamagne Tha God are two of the notable celebrities to share their love for DJ Swade. Charlamagne has even given the man a new moniker, calling him 52 Savage.

DJ Swade is clearly enjoying his increased recognition and hopes to score a trip to The Breakfast Club due to his new fame. Charlamagne sounds interested in having the man come through for an appearance too, so don't be surprised if you hear him on the airwaves soon.

Not much is known about DJ Swade, but he is apparently a DJ in Dallas. The man has posted multiple mixes on his SoundCloud account and calls himself the "Crunkest DJ in the South." He's also repping a label or crew called Grilled Out Records.

Check out some of DJ Swade's freestyling and recorded antics below. You can keep up with the newest meme in hip-hop by following him on Instagram. You will join the 28,000 people following DJ Swade on the social media service as of today (April 6).

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