There are some unbelievably dedicated rapper fans out there. So dedicated that they've inked part of their body in commemoration of their favorite MC. Fans have crafted huge body portraits on various parts of their bodies of esteemed albums covers, popular quotes and even the faces of their top rappers. The love is real.

One of the most recent fan tats to go viral is of Kevin Gates and his wife, Dreka. A fan inked up a whole half of his abdomen in honor of the couple. Taken from a spicy photo-shoot that the NOLA rapper and his wife of one year put out a few months back, the fan decided to plaster the huge portrait on the side of his body. The Gates' loved it. "👀 my hubby just sent this to me....woooooow!," wrote Dreka on Instagram. "This is amazing,@splack_2times (a fan who had this tatted on his body) I don't know who you are but seeing this makes me want to go even harder. Seeing how much love you guys have for us BLOWS my mind! Much love 😘"

@splack_2times is not alone as many other fans have also opted for rapper tats over time. Check out XXL's gallery of ill rapper tattoos above.