Los Angeles rapper Desto Dubb has recruited a number of stars for his latest song "Bankteller." The Thank You Fizzle-produced banger features guest appearances from Lil Pump, Lil Uzi Vert, Smokepurpp and 03 Greedo.

03 Greedo, who is currently behind bars, handles the song's chorus, rapping, "Tell a bank teller to relax/I got all these blue hundreds in the Glad bag/Tell a bank teller to relax." Lil Pump then comes in for the song's first verse, spitting bars full of drug references.

"Got three mansions and three phones (phones)/I forgot that I had a stripper at home (yeah)/I got molly, I got beans/I got percs and lot of cups," the Florida rapper raps over the hypnotic beat.

After another hook and verse from Greedo, Lil Uzi Vert comes in for the song's third verse. "Rockstar, like I'm Paul McCartney/Ooh, stellar stellar (aye)/I can't hear nothing, Helen Keller/You get punched and then some/Me no rat, I get hella cheddar/I get mozzarella," Uzi raps.

Desto Dubb and Smokepurpp wrap up the track with the final verses. "Maison Margiela's cost seven or better/I'm a bank teller, no I'm a drank seller/I'm a fat nigga in a Gucci sweater/I'm a rich nigga and she a gold digger," Desto raps with a rapid-fire flow.

"She want come inside, but I'ma fuck her in the car (get some)/He gon' try and run, but I'ma put him on that dark (dodododo)/Smoking weed and sipping lean, diamonds dance in the dark (yeah)/See the drip and see these diamonds, she know we all stars," Smokepurpp adds.

03 Greedo turned himself in to authorities in late-June to begin a 20-year prison sentence, but it's believed the track was recording during Greedo's last night as a free man. The rapper was hit with gun and drug trafficking charges stemming from a 2016 arrest.

Listen to "Bankteller" below.

DestoDubb via SoundCloud
DestoDubb via SoundCloud

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