Desiigner links up with UK-based producer Mura Masa for a song it honestly seems like he was born to make. The new track, aptly titled "All Around the World," features the sound of flutes, xylophones, drums and Kill Bill sirens for a trap-safari kids show aesthetic. When you combine the dope Mura Masa instrumental with Desiigner's vocals, you're listening to something pretty unique. Listen below.

The hook for "All Around the World" even sounds like a call to explore. In the hook, Desiigner sings, "This goes for all around the world/Till the world is gone/This goes all around the world/So we carry on." Once he gets to the verses, though, the track turns into an all-out celebration of being a baller. Of course, Desiigner's adlibs are also present.

The track is all set to appear on Mura Masa's eponymously titled album, which will drop on July 14. The project includes an appearance from A$AP Rocky. If the rest of it's anything like this track, we can't wait to hear it.

For Desiigner, this track could be just the sort of song to get him the recognition he feels he deserves. About a month ago, the G.O.O.D. Music artist posted and quickly deleted a tweet saying, "Fuck New York radio," seeming to take issue with stations in the area.

Recently, Desiigner stopped by Hot 97 and apologized for his comments. “That was just a crybaby moment I guess I had,” Desiigner said of his actions. “It was by accident, and I feel it in myself that I didn’t mean that," he explained.

He continued, “I tweeted it because I just wanted extra love from the radio. I just felt like ‘Tiimmy Turner’ ain’t really get the play it was. I be going out there in that crowd and show New York love. So it was just me feeling like a little punk at the moment. I just apologize.”

If his newest track takes off the way we imagine it could, he probably won't feel the need to complain about airplay any time soon. Peep a sample of the track for yourself below. Pre-order Mura Masa's new album here.

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