Last summer, Dave East and G Herbo got to team up as part of the 2016 XXL Freshmen cyphers. The two obviously built an admiration for each other's work since the MCs have reconnected for a track called "No Hook." Don Q joins the talented rappers for the lyrical exhibition, which sees G Herbo delivering an impressive verse on his second go-round.

"I was in the trenches, kicks red, but I wasn't bleeding/Playing life or death with my niggas, I ain't leave 'em/Couple showed they heart, wasn't right, but I ain't need 'em/Can't say I ain't loyal, can't I ain't feed 'em/Wolf against the sheep, gon' either kill 'em or gon' breed 'em/One thing 'bout them shoots, you give 'em out your receive 'em/Don't leave out the house if you without know you need it/Think you only going around the block gon' be the reason," G Herbo spits.

The Chicago native hands things over to Dave East, who makes sure that he's not outdone on his own track. The Harlem MC fires back with a verse to reassert himself.

"I was popping blue devils, Coach K ain't recruit me/I skipped right to Balmain, ain't copped too many nudies/Ten cars outside, me and your foreign/Took a Gem Star, went to school like y'all don't wanted/I was Bishop in the hall when he pressed Q/Balenciaga sweat suits, too many losses they won't respect you/Money get low, watch how quick them bitches neglect you/He paid 38 for a brick, it felt special," East raps.

This record is sure to please a lot of hip-hop heads with its back to the basics approach. East and G Herbo have the lyrical prowess to shine on a track like this and do just that.

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