As another Wednesday rolls around, that means it's time for Danny Wolf's Wolf Wednesdays song series.

Like the name suggests, the series features Danny dropping a new song every Wednesday. The producer's latest track, "Balance," finds spitting bars over a beat produced by Wolf himself and Callahan.

According to Wolf, the inspiration for "Balance" came from his friendship with Warhol before either of them made a name for themselves in hip-hop. "The inspiration was just us vibing and being bros since way before any of our names went up," Wolf tells XXL. "Me and Warhol have always been homies we're just now releasing music together with everything being organic."

Warhol makes himself comfortable over Wolf and Callahan's trap-inspired instrumental as he raps, "All my niggas got my back/Speak real shit, yeah nigga that's facts/I see through all fake shit/Ridin' in Miami with the Haitians."

Up next for Wolf, the producer says fans should be on the lookout for more music from him each week. "You can expect some of your favorites rappers every Wednesday," he shares.

XXL previously caught up with Wolf last year, when he discussed how he went from an intern at Hoodrich Entertainment to one of their go-to producers.

"I remember I was making beats and I was shooting videos for rappers and I would said, 'I got some beats,'" Danny said. "I’d be shooting the studio session and they were like, ‘Who got beats?’ And I just said, 'I got beats.' They heard ‘em, they were like, 'These aren’t bad' and shit, now we’re here."

Listen to "Balance" below.

Trust Me Danny
Trust Me Danny

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