CupcakKe burst onto the scene catching the attention of the hip-hop community with graphic song titles and lyrics while providing athems for groups of people who have been previously underrepresented in the culture. The Chicago native picks up the pace for her lastest unconventional single "Quiz," which released last Friday (April 27).

The 20-year-old touches on some of her favorite food establishments with vociferous pace and even incorporates 50 Cent's acclaimed debut album title into the verse. "Uber pull through the drive-thru/I'm tryna get me some Popeyes/Bought like 20 wings/You would think I'm 'bout to split it with Five Guys (I'm hungry!)/Might buy the Uber man some, it depends on how the line fly/Or he could keep the 50 Cent change/Get rich or die tryin," she persistently rhymes with rapid fire.

The riotous "Quiz" serves as CupcakKe's first release since dropping her third studio album, Ephorize, at the top of the year. The synth-filled record finds Turreekk behind the boards to keep up with the Queen Elizabitch rapper's warped flows.

Ephorize showed off her multi-faceted ability spanning the 15 tracks. She showed staying power with LGBQT-advocating ballads to motivational rhymes and her usual sexual comedy while boasting something enjoyable for just about everyone.

The Audacious rapper isn't only about graphic lyrics, she also has a philanthropic side. CupcakKe gave back to those in need by donating over $2,000 to fund a funeral for a Houston family who was lost in Hurricane Harvey. Be on the lookout for the PC Music artist to continue her rise throughout 2018 and build momentum off of her latest LP and new record deal.

Give CupcakKe's "Quiz" a listen for yourself below.

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PC Music

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