The Comedy Central network on Wednesday (March 12) announced that it has ordered a pilot of a new animated comedy series featuring Snoop Dogg for the 2008-2009 season. According to Variety, the as-yet untitled show will chronicle the adventures of a 15 year-old Snoop growing up in 1980’s Long Beach. The project will be executive produced by the rapper and Tom Lynch, who helmed Class of 3000, Andre 3000’s animated series. “We've been looking to get into business with Snoop, who's always fantastic on our roasts,” said Lauren Corrao, Comedy Central’s senior VP of programming and development. “He's one of those people who truly crosses over between music and comedy.” The show is one of many new series that the network hopes to pick up for full runs in the coming year. In related news, Snoop’s new album Ego Trippin’ hit stores on this week.