Pro Era's Chuck Strangers has officially released Consumers Park, an album that took him four long years to create.

Checking in at a hearty 14 tracks, Consumers Park is produced almost entirely by Strangers himself and includes features from Issa Gold and his Pro Era comrades, Joey Bada$$ and Kirk Knight. The Bada$$ feature is called "Style Wars," and it's the third track on the new project. On the song, Strangers delivers a pretty strong verse for folks who may have doubted his pen game.

"My flow is as pure as your daughter on her way to kindergarten/Now the conflicts is starting, and everybody watching/Plus your desire to be popping/Could have the illest nigga out here weighing his options," he spits on the track, referencing his own internal struggle with straying away from conformity.

Speaking With XXL, Strangers revealed that his debut rap album is pretty much a snapshot of his early 20s. "If you were listening, on 'Fresh' I'm 21 and on 'Style Wars' I'm 24. [Laughs]," reveals Strangers, who's been known more for his production skills than his prowess behind the mic. "[On 'Fresh'] I'm 21 with no court dates, but then on 'Style Wars' I'm 24 years old, you know?"

Check out Strangers' album for yourself below. Cop it on iTunes. 

Chuck Strangers' Consumers Park Tracklist

1. "Backwood Falls"
2. "Thoro Hall" featuring Kirk Knight
3. "Style Wars" featuring Joey Bada$$
4. "1010 Wins, Pt. 1 & 2"
5. "The Evening"
6. "Syl's Song"
7. "Class Pictures"
8. "Lorimer Street"
9.  "Riis Beach"
10. "Peaceful" featuring Issa Gold
11. "A Pause for Peace" featuring Joey Bada$$
12. "Two Pit Bulls"
13. "No Dice (Bonus Track)"
14. "Fresh"

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