After releasing his second solo album this past October, Chuck Inglish is set to release a collaboration project with the Blended Babies called Ev Zepplin. The group offered up the first single "Chemdream" just a few weeks ago. Now, they are back with a new record called "Guns" featuring Asher Roth. The song features a funky production with Chuck dropping some slick bars before turning it over to Asher.

"Yo, master professional/Gastrointestinal/In your ass, unconventional/Wisdom sharpen your pencil/And listen to Ash kid 'em/This is some fast diddle/No pass out, blackout, what college you get into/The vision is monumental/Men of the monument/Putcha head on the cement if you just give 'em five percent/When the zombie gets inside me/That's as salamu alayk/With more dead and no alive so do you run or do you stay/With salami on the side all up in your vinaigrette/Thought you blew up when you signed, why the fuck you didn't yet," Asher Roth raps on the second verse.

XXL had the opportunity to speak to Chuck Inglish about his collaborative album with the Blended Babies back in March.

"Ev Zepplin is me when Life happens," Chuck Inglish said of the LP. "I made an album from a part of my brain that I usually don’t entertain. But I let the music tell me what story to tell. And it told a real one. A more personal musical journey and pure collaboration."

Chuck Inglish and Blended Babies' Ev Zepplin is scheduled to drop on April 29. You can pre-order the album now on iTunes.

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