Do you ever stunt on your friends on Instagram? Chris Brown and Tyga do--on a level most of us could never imagine. In the new video for "Ayo," the pair does things that sound like the script out of an action movie. There are horses. There are croquet sets with mysterious players. There are annoyed movers flipping down the lids of gold toilets just so pictures can be snapped. Basically, everything that Brown and Tyga's joint album, Fan Of A Fan, promises to be--larger than life, confusing, flossy, Technicolor--is realized in this six-minute clip.

"Ayo" isn't big on subtext. The women quoted in the song say things like "I want you inside me"; Chris Brown, in his rap verse, implies that he's ducking his community service to run over people in his car. But these guys aren't making music that you need to sit with and digest. They're rapping and singing for the VIP section, for bottle service, for filling pools with money--which they actually do at one point in the video. Minks abound. The excess isn't even limited to material goods: One recurring shot finds the debaucherous best friends rapping in a Ma$e-and-Puffy-style video wind tunnel.

The appeal of "Ayo" is that it is everything your Friday night could, in theory, be. But where you have to catch an Uber to the club, and then get ready to go to the bank Saturday and back to work the next week, Chris and Tyga are suspended in time, forever forgetting the roof at home. Fan Of A Fan is slated for Feb. 24.

The "Ayo" video was produced by Chris Brown's production company, Riveting Entertainment.