Chief Keef has officially kicked the cup. The Chicago rapper reveals he no longer uses lean.

Chief Keef No Longer Drinks Lean

On Sunday (May 12), Chief Keef took some time out on the day of rest to share a big change he made in his life. Sosa no longer drinks lean.

"Been clean of lean 3-4 months now! CHAMPION," he wrote in his Instagram Story. The Midwest rhymer also posted a few emojis: a kissing face, clapping hands and leaves. The leaves may indicate that Chief Keef still smokes weed.

This isn't the first time Chief Keef revealed he put the cup down. In 2014, the 28-year-old artist was in rehab and said he no longer was drinking lean. Keef admitted the last two mixtapes he made at the time were "mistakes." He may have been referring to 2013's Bang Pt. 2 and Almighty So.

Keef just dropped Almighty So 2, the long-awaited follow-up to the first tape. The 16-track effort has experienced several delays over the last year, and finally arrived on May 10. Sexyy Red ("Grape Trees"), Tierra Whack ("Banded Up") and Quavo ("Never Fly Here") are some of the collaborations on the project.

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Rappers Open Up About Their Lean Use

Lean addiction has been plaguing the hip-hop community for years. The drug, consisting of prescription-strength cough medicine that contains Promethazine with codeine, is used recreationally by many rappers, who tend to mix it with soda and pour it into double cups. From songs inspired by lean, to photos and videos on social media including the bottles and drink, it’s very visible in the culture.

G Herbo has opened up about his past use of the drug, which cost him over $80,000. He's been off the drink since 2016. Mozzy did away with the cup as well in 2018. The rapper insisted that "health is wealth" and he needed to get to the bag. Offset even stopped drinking lean after hearing his own mother confront him about his habit in 2019. After being released from jail that same year, Soulja Boy put the drug behind him. He was once spending $500 to $800 a day on lean.

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Take a look at Chief Keef sharing that he kicked the cup below.

See Chief Keef's Post That He Quit Lean

Chief Keef lean photo

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